Healthy Stoner Snacks

If you’re a cannabis user, you have likely heard about the term ‘munchies.’ For many people, it brings about a spike in appetite in which they can eat a large amount of food comfortably. Many times, cannabis users have to resort to the most unhealthy foods available because they taste good and are easily available.

However, the times are changing, and you no longer have to have unhealthy foods to enjoy your high. If you’re a regular cannabis user, you may want to switch up your unhealthy munchies habits with something better for your gut. Contrary to what people believe, healthy stoner snacks exist, and they can assuage your munchies as well as any other snack.

If you like to commit to their fitness goals, you likely need healthy stoner snacks, so your constant smoking up doesn’t come at the cost of your physical health. We have made a list of healthy stoner snacks that you can opt for instead of the junk you have available at your local gas station. {We don’t condone illegal marijuana usage, this list of stoner snacks is for states that have legalized marijuana)

Is it Normal to Get the Munchies When High?

Cannabis has cannabinoids, which are why you feel so unnaturally hungry when you’re high. THC is one of the most abundant compounds in any cannabis item, and cannabinoids are present in THC. They can attach to the brain’s receptors and make you feel hungry when you’re high. They’re also why some of your food tastes so good when you have smoked up.

What Are Some Healthy Stoner Snacks?

There are many healthy stoner snacks available. However, it’s all about knowing yourself. Some people will eat anything when they’re high because their stomach becomes a bottomless pit. However, some stoners have preferences. They have specific cravings that they want satiated. You have to decide which ones are for you.

Some people maintain their health by sticking to a calorie budget so they can eat whatever they want when high. However, it doesn’t work for everyone. Thus, if you’re a regular user, you may want to stock your home with some healthy stoner snack options.

Health Stoner Snacks:

Almonds with Honey

If you like munching on crunchy things, then stalking almonds is one of the healthiest options you can make. Almonds are rich in vitamins and minerals. If you have a sweet tooth, then a drizzle of honey will have you satisfied for a long time. You want to ensure that you get these almonds fresh. Almonds can have preservatives like salt and sugar that are not very healthy for you.

 Blue Corn Chips and Guacamole

Chips and dip are regular and common combinations when settling into the munchies. Blue corn chips aren’t healthy, but they’re way healthier than potato chips and ranch. Home-made guacamole is also something that can make you feel extremely healthy if you’ve prepared well. Guacamole essentially has very good ingredients. However, the store-bought one can have a  lot of salt, acid, and preservatives; you likely want to stay clear from them.

Guacamole is a good option compared to any yogurt-based dip because it has Avocado, which isn’t dairy forward and has a variety of vitamins and minerals. If you’re vegan, then guacamole is also a great option.

Sweet Potato Fries

If you want potato fries, but you don’t want to deal with the heaviness they bring, use sweet potato. It doesn’t have as many carbs as regular potatoes, and you will want to Airfry them. You can add paprika and salt to these fries, pack them with a chock full of flavor, and air-fry them however you may want.

Fresh Veggies and Hummus

Healthy stoner snacks are all about the dips and the mouthfeel. Before you get high, make some hummus from chickpeas, and season it as best as possible. Then smoke the blunt and come back to your hummus with fresh veggies. You can get into carrots and hummus if you’re feeling like munching. Carrots have a lot of Vitamin A, which keeps your eyes sharp. The hummus itself is a great dip since it has a low glycemic index which can keep your sugar levels in check. Hummus and carrots are high in fiber, so you won’t have to feel backed up after a night of stoner fun.

Dark Chocolate Bark

Not everyone wants salty and savory when high; some people have more of a sweet tooth. If you’re one of these people, you can always make yourself some dark chocolate bark. Dark chocolate has some sweetness but none of the calories of regular chocolate. You can add melted chocolate to a pan and your favorite nuts and dried fruit to the melted chocolate. Bake the bark as you’re getting baked, and voila! You’ve got the perfect dessert to munch on after your pot sesh.

The high cocoa content in dark chocolate lends it a lot of antioxidants and flavonoids, which have a lot of health benefits. Dark chocolate can also help reduce insulin resistance and has anti-inflammatory effects that improve your gut health.

Frozen Yogurt

We know that everyone wants ice cream when they’re extremely high, but sometimes these snacks will make you feel worse about yourself in the morning. The great thing about being high is that everything will automatically taste amazing to you. Take advantage of this and find better substitutes. Frozen yogurt is a great substitute for ice cream. You can either buy the frozen yogurt in bulk or get some popsicles from the local supermarket. Frozen yogurt is much healthier than drowning yourself in a tube of sweet ice cream with many fat and carbohydrates.

Our Final Thoughts

There are plenty of options for you if you’re looking for healthy stoner snacks. However, to have a good time with your munchies, you must know what you’re looking for. If you’re in the mood for savory and end up with sweet, you’re not going to be happy. The best thing is to be prepared for all the frenzy that your high mind will throw at you. It’s also important to remember that sometimes eating unhealthy food makes you healthy.