Healthy Snacks to Go With Wine

If you love a glass of crisp wine by your food during lunch or dinner, you’d know how incredible pairing different foods with wine is. Wine is probably one of the most versatile drinks because it can blend well with almost any food. Also, if you have good taste, you’ll have a pretty good collection of the best wine, so why not pair some tasty snacks with it?

Whether hosting a game night for your friends or having a little movie night with the love of your life, pairing wine with different snacks can be fun and fulfilling. As long as you have the right mood set up, you’ll have an excellent time pairing healthy snacks with the best wine.

Let’s see what healthy snacks you can pair with wine.

Cheese and Crackers

If you’re a cheese lover, we suggest you pair a glass of red wine with cheese cubes and crackers. The salty crackers with the tangy cheese cubes or slices will seem much tastier when you have them with your favorite wine. Trust us; you’ll finish the whole bottle and won’t even know it.

Pizza Bagels

Another healthy snack you can try is pizza bagels. They’re truly a genius invention, as you’re not always too hungry to finish a whole pizza. Enter: pizza bagels. You get the delicious pizza taste without feeling full, and you have your favorite wine to pair it with.

Antipasto Bites

If you want to keep your night as Italian as ever, you might want to try antipasto bites with your red or white wine. Antipasto is a traditional Italian food considered a delicacy in many parts of the world. These small antipasto bites will serve you pretty well if you have your wine glass ready.

Cheesy Garlic Bread

Cheesy garlic bread is another excellent food option to pair with your glass of wine. You can have a glass of Cabaret Sauvignon or Merlot, depending on your preference. Regardless of your choice of wine, some hot and fresh cheesy garlic bread pieces will show you an excellent time.

Trail Mix

You can never go wrong with a big bowl of trail mix with your wine. You have many healthy options in one bowl, from granola to dried fruits to seeds to a little bit of candy (some contain chocolate chips, too). You’ll keep munching on some trail mix as you pour a few glasses of your favorite wine down your throat.


If you’re looking for a quick and healthy fix, having some bruschetta with your wine will serve you well. Bruschetta is also an Italian snack; all you have to do is put some olive oil and vegetables on a piece of bread, and you’ll have a tasty snack along with your favorite wine.

Pigs in a Blanket

Who wouldn’t devour some pigs in a blanket during a huge glass of wine? Pigs in a blanket consist of small sausages wrapped in small pieces of bread, giving you a healthy treat. You can pair them with a delicious sauce or dip and enjoy them with your glass of wine.

Onion Rings

If you have a love for deep-fried food, pairing your glass of wine with a plate of onion rings will definitely be your kind of night. Onion rings are the perfect snack to have while sipping your delicious wine, as they’re delicious. The best thing about onion rings is that you feel full enough, but not too much, making you enjoy your late evening/night.

Pepperoni Slices

As a meat lover, you’re totally going to devour this next snack on the list. Pepperoni slices are a classic; you’ll often see them as people’s choice of topping for their pizzas. Also, pepperoni slices go perfectly well with a glass of Syrah – a tangy wine with hints of blackberry and blueberry.

Mozzarella Sticks

There’s something about cheese that makes every snack scrumptious, and mozzarella sticks are no different. These cheesy sticks are a fan favorite, as you’ll find them in almost every fast-food joint. Mozzarella sticks are served as appetizers and go really well with a glass of Barbera wine.


It’s best to pair a glass of wine with something small and light; sliders are the perfect example. These mini burgers can include any condiment you want, including your favorite meat. You won’t even realize you’ve finished the whole bottle of your favorite wine while munching on the yummiest sliders.

Chicken Wings

No matter how delicious chicken wings are, they should never be eaten in public, considering how messy it gets. That sort of action should always be done behind closed doors where you can enjoy them with your guilty pleasure – a glass of Tempranillo. Chicken wings and Tempranillo make the perfect combination on the weekend.


If you’re into Mexican food, you will love some taquitos with a glass of red wine. If you haven’t tried this genius combination yet, you’re missing out on a lot; let us just tell you that. So, the next time you decide to have red wine, please ensure you have a few taquitos to pair it with.


Isn’t finger food just so convenient and easy to eat? If you’re gearing up to devour some meatballs, you can just insert a toothpick in them and not get your hands dirty. Meatballs go great with a glass of Malbec, a fan favorite wine for many people.


Last on the list is the Middle Eastern delicacy, hummus. This may be a dip, but trust us, it will surely tantalize your taste buds because of its versatility. Hummus is a dip that goes with any snack, from plain carrot sticks to baked bread; hummus will serve you quite well with your choice of wine.

Our Final Thoughts

Wine is a beverage enjoyed by many, and it comes in different types and ages, giving everyone a variety to choose from. If you wish to pair your glass of wine with a tasty snack, all the snacks mentioned above will be perfect choices. Whether you love red wine, chardonnay, or a glass of Merlot, you won’t go wrong with some of the snacks we’ve enlisted above.

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