Healthy Snack Ideas for Weight Gain

Even though more people are focused on losing weight, gaining weight can also be a task in itself. Your body is underweight when you burn more calories than your intake, which is a matter of concern and can result in several health issues. But what if there were some healthy snack ideas for weight gain that could help you put on a few pounds the right away?

According to studies, approximately 2% of the world’s population is underweight, while women are four times more likely to be underweight compared to men. You will be classified as underweight if your body mass index falls below 18.5. So, what is the best way for one to reach a healthy weight?

This can be done by taking in more calories than your body burns. Try increasing your caloric intake by consuming 300 to 500 surplus calories per day. This will make you gain weight slowly, which is better than putting weight fast. Increasing the number of meals per day also helps gain weight and consume more fat and proteins.

Meals Per Day

Just like increasing the number of meals per day can help you lose weight, it can also help you gain weight. Three main meals accompanied by 2-3 mid meals during the day helps boost your digestion and gut health. What you eat directly impacts weight gain and weight loss. Snacking between meals enables your body to gain weight slowly, healthier than gaining weight rapidly. It also helps you consume more food without feeling overly full. Foods higher in fats and proteins will also help you gain weight. Including beverages that contain cream and whole milk in your meals, such as smoothies and shakes, as opposed to tea and black coffee, also helps.

Let’s consider healthy snack ideas for weight gain in detail below.

  • Milk-based smoothies
  • Nuts and Nut Butters
  • Cheese and Eggs
  • Full fat Yogurt
  • Oily Fish
  • Potatoes and Starches
  • Rice

Milk-Based Smoothies

Home-made milk-based smoothies are a sure shot way to gain weight. Preparing these smoothies and shakes at home ensures they are highly nutritious and gives you control over their flavor. You also get to control their nutrition content as store-bought versions are usually packed with sugar and lack nutrients. Many smoothies and shakes are easy to prepare at home and are absolutely delicious. You can make a chocolate banana shake with bananas, why protein, and nut butter. A Berry Shake is also a great option and can be prepared with fresh or frozen berries, Greek yogurt, and whey protein.

Nuts and Nut Butters

Nuts are full of good fats and perfect if you want to gain weight. Only one-fourth cup of almonds contains up to 170 calories. This calorie-dense snack can easily be paired with other items and form a wholesome mid-meal. You can pair nuts with cheeses, dark chocolate, and yogurt, to name a few options. Nut butters such as peanut butter and almond or hazelnut butter are also calorie-dense. You can include nut butters in smoothies or have them with yogurt, crackers, and fruits.

Cheese and Eggs

Cheese is a great option to snack on. It is both nutritious and delicious and comes in a variety of options. You can choose any full-fat cheese you like, such as cheddar or feta. Have cheese with whole-grain crackers or an assortment of fruits and vegetables. As cheese is so tasty, you can easily incorporate it into many snacks and dishes. You can also choose from different varieties of cheese, such as soft, hard, or creamed cheese. If you want a simple calorie-dense cheesy snack, both Mac and cheese and grilled cheese sandwiches are good options.

Consuming eggs is also a great way to gain weight the healthy way. Eggs are full of protein and vitamins that give you the necessary energy to get through the day. As eggs are so versatile, you can always prepare them in any way, such as boiled, poached, or fried eggs.

Avocado and Dried Fruits

Healthy fats such as avocado and dried fruits also help put on weight. These foods can help up your caloric intake without loading on quantity. You can enjoy avocado in many ways. You can have mashed avocado spread simply on toast. You can also have avocado on toast with a poached egg for added flavor and calories. Other ways to enjoy avocado are in sandwiches, wraps, and salads. You can also add avocado as a topping on fries. Many also enjoy it with sushi or in the form of guacamole.

Whole Grain Bread

Whole grain bread is a source of healthy carbs that can help weight gain. You can easily prepare high-calorie snacks such as sandwiches by combining this bread with eggs, cheese, and meat. Not only are sandwiches easy to prepare, but they are great at helping you put on weight.

Potatoes and Starches

Including potatoes and other starchy foods in your daily mid meals can also help you gain weight. Other healthy starchy carbohydrates include buckwheat, oats, corn, sweet potatoes, beans, and quinoa. These starchy foods help you gain weight, but they also provide essential nutrients to your body. These nutrients include resistant starch, which helps boost gut bacteria.

Our Final Thoughts

You can healthily gain weight by including calorie-dense food into your daily diet. This includes healthy carbohydrates, good protein, and unsaturated fats. Besides including the right high-caloric foods into your diet, it’s also crucial to modify your eating habits. Add 3-4 mid meals between your main meals for a steady flow of energy. This will also enable you to add more calories to your diet. You can also include a generous quantity of olive or canola oil into your food while preparing it. Replace tea and black coffee with milk and cream-based drinks such as shakes and smoothies to pile the calories. These healthy snack ideas for weight gain will help you reach a healthy weight the right way!