Is Yogurt and Granola a Healthy Snack?

Granola’s flavor and crunchiness pair beautifully with the smooth and creamy texture of yogurt. Even though there are no ‘official’ yogurt-granola foods, consuming the two – either separately or together – is a pretty good idea. Either food offers a different set of benefits. In addition, you can even find low-calorie versions for both foods, which is especially suitable for people who are on a weight-loss diet.

Granola and yogurt join hands to provide a filling and delicious breakfast or snacking option. But, is yogurt and granola a healthy snack? Certainly, although the health quotient can vary, depending upon the kind of granola and yogurt that you buy, as well as on your portion sizes. In other words, if you want to maximize the health benefits of this combo, you need to consider low-fat yogurt, along with granola that has the lowest quantity of added sugars. Besides, make sure that you do not exceed the suggested serving sizes.

Benefits of Eating Yogurt and Granola:

1) High Calcium Content:

Calcium is vital to produce and maintain healthy bones and teeth. The US Office of Dietary Supplements states that the calcium content in a single, 8-ounce serving of yogurt is approximately 50% of our RDV (Recommended Daily Value).  You can also find calcium-fortified boxes of granola cereal; however, make sure that you check for the fat and sugar content before purchasing one of these boxes.

Is Yogurt and Granola a Healthy Snack

2) High Protein Content:

Both granola and yogurt can be excellent protein sources, which is why this is a combination that is also desirable for children. Protein is vital for maintaining and improving nerve and muscle function. In addition, it helps repair and develop any damaged muscles or other tissues throughout the body. Yogurt, in general, contains high amounts of protein (although the precise amount can vary depending upon the type of yogurt). Similarly, a lot of whole grains and nuts – both of which are essential granola ingredients –are rich in protein.

3) Contains Good Bacteria:

With yogurt, you consume numerous beneficial bacteria which can improve the health of the digestive system. Besides, these bacteria enhance intestinal functioning. As a result, consumption of yogurt can boost your metabolism, leading to faster and smoother digestion. Since yogurt contains numerous live bacteria cultures, it is also referred to as a ‘probiotic’. Probiotic yogurt offers a number of health benefits, including a more robust immune system that is more capable of fending off illnesses.

4) Greater Sleep Quality:

If you struggle with falling or staying asleep, the solution might be a small snack two to three hours before bedtime. A protein-rich snack like yogurt and granola can make you feel full and satiated, thereby preventing the hunger pangs that are so often the cause of insomnia and poor-quality sleep. Hence, if you are having sleep related problems, see if some yogurt sprinkled with a bit of granola helps address this issue.

5) High Fiber Content:

Granola and yogurt are high in fiber – a nutrient that, just like good bacteria, has a number of advantages for the digestive system. Hence, eating a diet high in fiber will aid your digestion, and help prevent the accumulation of fat in the body. In addition, fiber can lower your risk for a number of illnesses, including heart disease. According to research, women should consume around 21 to 25 grams of fiber in a day, while the daily requirements for men are 30 to 38 grams.

Granola’s high fiber content comes from the nuts and whole grains that it contains, which is why the precise fiber content can vary according to the amount of nuts and whole grains present in the granola. Certain types of yogurts also contain fiber, especially if they have been supplemented with food.

Is Granola and Yogurt a Healthy Breakfast Option?

Granola can be a part of a balanced breakfast meal. However, since granola often contains large quantities of added sugar, you should stick to the recommended serving portions. If you add a bit of low-fat yogurt, you can create even more balance to your breakfast, and benefit from several proteins, calcium, vitamins, and minerals.

Is Granola and Yogurt a Good Post-Workout Snack?

Yogurt can serve as a really good post-workout snacking option – especially if you combine it with other carbohydrate-rich foods. If you do choose yogurt as a post-workout snack, make sure to go for low-fat, plain yogurt – the primary components should be cream or milk, along with the live bacterial cultures that we discussed earlier.

Can Granola Help with Weight Loss?

Yes, granola can help you lose weight, as long as you are using a granola type that contains large amounts of fiber. Fiber-rich foods can help reduce your appetite by making you feel full for extended time periods –something that is ideal for those looking to cut down on the pounds and want to keep a close eye on their weight.

Can Yogurt Help with Weight Loss?

According to research involving obese adults, those who used three servings of fat-free yogurt in a single day, alongside adopting a low-calorie diet, were able to reduce 61% more body fat and 22% more weight compared to adults who only reduced calories but did not add more calcium to their diets. In addition, participants who consumed yogurt lowered 81% more stomach fat compared to their non yogurt-eating counterparts.

Although all types of low-fat yogurts can help with weight loss, Greek yogurt serves this purpose particularly well. Greek yogurt contains large amounts of protein, which can curb your appetite and, consequently, lower your caloric intake.

Our Final Thoughts:

Yogurt and granola, whether taken separately or in tandem, can offer a number of health benefits, ranging from weight loss to improved digestion. However, to maximize these benefits, make sure that you buy fat-free plain yogurt, and opt for granolas that do not have a high amount of sugar or other additives.

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